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Opel Automobile GmbH is a German automobile manufacturer, a subsidiary of French automaker Groupe PSA since August 2017. From 1929 until 2017, Opel was owned by American automaker General Motors. Opel vehicles are sold in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands under the Vauxhall brand. Some Opel vehicles were badge-engineered in Australia under the Holden brand until 2020 and in North America and China under the Buick, Saturn, and Cadillac brands.

On March 2019 John Pearly Huffman wrote a piece for Edmunds about the “50 worst cars of all time” in place 40 he talk about an OPEL model:

40. 1976 Chevrolet Chevette: Instead of trying to build a world-class small car of its own, Chevy opts for a cheesy, primitive Opel design that was a decade out of date. Yet it stayed in production through 1987.


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Former Employee - IT Site Support Specialist says

"Poor money No bonuses No benefits No career opportunities - no training. Bad management Bad HR (+ you will be hired by Adecco and not Opel!) The job was suppose to be IT (because I was a part of the IT dept) -> but was there more administrative tasks than IT. A lot of pushing from management to do overtime (night / weekend) even when they said nothing about payment (overtime payment) When PSA bought Opel everything became CHAOS! Nobody knows anything! A lot of procedures that no one knows about them. So old IT systems - like the ticketing and inventory systems. These are so old or SOOO unfriendly."

Finance says

"Opel is a very traditional company with no interest to follow the trends in the market. Nobody is willing to change anything they are still working with business practices of the previous century. The company has a lot of financial issues to solve and is not hiring young graduates. So, i would not recommend Opel for an Internship."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Old fashioned culture, no progression, bad location"

Current Employee - Buyer says

"salary not competitive weak management working time 8.30h meal tikets"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Zero focus on career development -A lot of old fossils there who are negative, cynical and unwilling to do any work for the good of the company -A lot of strong characters and internal childish bickering -Zero emphasis on team work....in all my time there, I never heard the word 'team' once be said by any managers"

Former Employee - Senior Product Engineer says

"Decline in business, too conservative, old fashion management, excessive policy"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"The brand is not anymore independently"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Although I can't fault the company as a group, the Irish head office is led by extremely two-faced, self absorbed individual, who believes the world rotates around them! Some really nice people in the office, but the "bad apple" spoils the entire pie!!! Superficial doesn't begin to explain..."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no strategy, no support to help employees perform better, employee leasing"


"corporate culture, dull work environment"

Célia says

"SO DISAPPOINTED BY YOUR COMPANY, which does not respect the legal warranty of conformity for an Opel Corsa 5 with less than 5 years and 50000 km! I have to pay 650€ for a reparation which is not attributable to the use I do with my car but to a design defect, and Opel refuses to bear the costs!"

Daniella Pedersen says

"Man skal kræftdedme vente i over 3 kvarter for en bilvask, plus at de har Intet til ventetiden, feks. Kakao, kaffelatte eller kaffe, det hele er fanme for dårligt"